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The Original MLP:FiM Group!
Happy new year everypony! We'd like to start the awesomeness of the year with a major two-month long contest!

:iconmlpfriendshipismagic: is teaming up with :iconbronies: to bring you a group vs. group contest!

Tensions between the Princess Sisters have risen once again. However this time, unlike 1000 years ago, the Princess of the Night has a significant amount of support.

Princess Luna has gone to launch the New Lunar Republic, while Celestia has morphed her kingdom into the Solar Empire! Which side will you join in the struggle?

:iconmlpfriendshipismagic: is the group of The Solar Empire.

:iconbronies: is the group for The New Lunar Republic.

Each group will have a task to help their side! Every two weeks, a contest theme will be announced for each side. The side with most entries will win the battle for that week!

Every week, a winner from each group will be chosen. They will receive a three month Premium Membership!

After two months, there will be a grand prize winner for each side, who will win AN ENTIRE YEAR OF PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP!

Yes fillies and gentlecolts, we are giving out 10,000 points of prizes, which amounts to One hundred and fifty dollars of prizes! ($150)

So pick a side, and submit your art! The side that gets the most participation will win the battles!

Solar Empire assignment

Very well! If you so choose to fight for the glorious Princess Celestia and her mighty empire, then we have a task for you this week!

You must draw a pony wearing armor! But not just any armor, it must be armor for The Solar Empire!

This will be the first of FOUR challenges over the next two months.

The Rules!

:bulletyellow: You are only allowed to participate for one side! Once you pick a side, you have to stick to it!
:bulletyellow: You are allowed to enter once per event!
:bulletyellow: Pony OCs are allowed!
:bulletyellow: All standard group rules apply!
:bulletyellow: Contest is open to all group members!
:bulletyellow: Group Moderators are allowed to participate!

If however... you choose to side with the REBELS, then their challenge can be found here:
:bulletblue: Draw a pony wearing armor that represents the New Lunar Republic!

Deadline: Round 1 will end January 18th!

Best of luck, and I hope that all of you participate!

~Fifth Element

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