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The contest results are in!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 20, 2013, 11:33 PM

Princess Celestia has taken her time, and reviewed each design carefully. She has chosen the new armor design for the upcoming battles!

Twilight in armor by Larsurus
The armor by Larsurus has been declared the chosen armor for The Solar Empire!

Though Celestia recognizes the effort and ability of others, and has chosen two runner-up armor designs as well:

4th Imperial Lancer Regiment by Graffegruam
by Graffegruam


by erovoid
(The Princess is particularly fond of this representation of herself)

The winds grow fierce! ROUND 2 of the New Lunar Republic v. Solar Empire Contest will begin soon! Stay tuned!

And remember, keep on participating in the contests! The Princess rewards dedication handsomely.

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