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Round 2 of the SE v. NLR Contest! -Updated!-

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 23, 2013, 9:09 PM

The game is afoot! Round 2 of the contest has begun!

A Royal Guard rushed through the wide oak doors, galloping across the red carpet that leads to the throne.

Running up to the white alicorn, he stopped short of the throne, kneeling in deference.

"Your Majesty, we have just received a disturbing report from our front scouts," he proclaims, breathing heavily from the running.

The Princess looks concerned. "What is it?" she asked, leaning forward in her seat to better view the Guard.

"It seems that Princess Luna is not who we thought she is!" he exclaimed, looking up at Princess Celestia.

"What do you mean? What did the scouts find?" her voice filled with urgency.

The Guard hesitates. "It appears... that Princess Luna was actually Queen Chrysalis. She's returned!"

Princess Celestia's eyes widened with shock. "Where is the real Luna?"

The Guard looked up warily, eying the Princess. "We believe she is being held captive by the Changelings."

The alicorn's face hardened into a determined expression, as she commanded, "Then we must go and save her. Rally the troops!"

You have heard what has happened from the Princess! It seems that the "New Lunar Republic" was a clever ruse by the evil Queen Chrysalis to try and take down Equestria once more! "Divide and Conquer," as Naponeon put it.

Your task is to draw the Solar Empire ponies freeing Princess Luna!

Deadline: February 7th

EDIT: Please use the winner's design for the armor in your drawings!
Twilight in armor by Larsurus
This is what the armor looks like!

Please post here or send Fifth--Element a note if you have any questions!

And remember, the more you help your side, the greater your reward!

Good luck!

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